NEW SHELL MYSELLA S6 N 40 proven to offer 150% longer oil life for stationary gas engineS

New oil takes performance and protection to a new level – even in extreme operating conditions

Shell Lubricants today launches Shell Mysella S6 N 40 – a high-performance oil designed for stationary gas engines and proven to extend oil drain intervals by up to 150%¹. Approved by leading gas engine manufacturers, Shell Mysella S6 N 40 offers outstanding engine protection and performance – even when faced with the extreme operating conditions and smaller sump sizes found in modern engines.

In addition to the extended oil life, independent industry testing has shown this new product can deliver a host of other outstanding benefits for operators across the power industry.

For example, Shell Mysella S6 N 40’s advanced additive technology actively protects against the build-up of harmful engine deposits and acids, even in high-output engines with severe piston temperatures and substantial brake mean effective pressure (BMEP). This, in turn, helps reduce wear for key engine parts, such as piston rings and cylinder liner.

Similarly, Shell Mysella S6 N 40 is proven to provide better resistance against aging (oxidisation and nitration) while at the same time delivering greater viscosity control and delivering excellent cleanliness for heat recovery boilers, turbochargers and intercoolers.

The result for customers? Mysella S6 N helps enhance engine protection, improve efficiency and extend oil drain intervals. All of which adds up to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and greater business profitability.

Peter Schippers, Shell Regional Application Specialist, Power Engines, said: In recent years, we have seen OEMs unveil new, high-output steel piston stationary gas engines aimed at meeting the world’s rising energy demand. These engines all have something in common: they place greater demand on lubricants, requiring them to work at more extreme temperatures and pressures, with smaller sumps and lower oil consumption, and alongside emissions catalysts – all of which can increase the risk of deposit-formation and shorten oil drain intervals. Consequently, gas engine customers are in critical need of an oil capable of delivering and maintaining a high-level of engine performance and protection in these ever more challenging operating conditions. That oil is Shell Mysella S6 N 40.”

¹ In the field, Shell Mysella S6N retains TBN for longer, proving 150% longer oil life when compared to its previous generation oil Shell Mysella S5N in J420C